A-Frame Companion Picnic Table

A-Frame Couples Companion Picnic Table

New for 2022, our Companion Picnic Tables are ideal for couples who wish to sit down and dine together and for places where space is at a premium or where social distancing may be tougher.

A New Take

A new take on the tete á tete seat, the A-Frame Couples Companion Picnic Table doesn’t take up the space of traditional A-Frame picnic benches and allows 2 people to have their own privacy and speak across directly to each other rather than traditionally side by side.

Space Efficient

Featuring a space efficient design our Companion Picnic Tables are great for smaller spaces such as smaller pub gardens, outdoor restaurant seating areas, and more. The seats are able to be folded up to help shield them from poor weather, and reduce the amount of standing water that would normally be left by rain.

A-Frame Companion Picnic Table
Wooden A Frame Couples Companion Picnic Table with the seats folded up

Accessible For All

Available with a larger table top for enhanced disabled access, the A-Frame Couples Companion Picnic Table is suitable and accessible for everyone.

Coming soon in a 100% Recycled Plastic Composite variant, making our Companion Picnic Tables even easier to introduce to your space. Maintenance free and easy to clean.


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